sunset strip

i wanna be a teenage dream
i wanna be sci fi fanboy wet fantasy
litter me with artifice make me solid
blocks of colour and patent boots

im gonna be fluorescent if it kills me
sparking up electric pink and shocking
sending dick pics to your mom
a real lie the barefaced kind

a disaster movie a slice of the action
i wanna reach out and grab that disco girl
by the hair and drag her out
to the parking lot


abstract romanticism is you

take me into the soft flush of your stomach
let me enter the blushing silk carved by hips
chewing on your tenderness let me suck
your toxic crimson insides pull

me in to your more lurid glossy gutter
running with sweat and swelling red red
bitten with dark shuddering take me up
the world shatters smooth

the face of the earth contorts with hot agony
pleasure of satin sliced in a dusky smile
touching the back of your skull sucking
the soft soft start and end of all


after all, the noun cannot move me
lying swollen & solitary so entirely
useless unless intimately attached
to your hand arm stomach my navel
& even then

static so stop, love

a little less & stop making
activity into abstraction give
me not a word but a feeling
to run with show me no symptom

without sickness do not ask
implicitly for my hand heart clavicle
but start dancing

so entirely
inside the verb

clean up nice

last night i accidentally tore myself
a new one really ripped
me up quite good
& proper went to town with it

yes & i must say it’s a pretty decent
if not slap up bang on real
tidy job if i do say
so myself or sort of whatever

you won’t recognise me no more
no really i’m all brand new
yes down to the ground
& why don’t you take a look

go on take a run at it a punt
hit me with your best
bet you’ve never clapped
eyes on one like that before

great pacific garbage patch

and sometimes looking at a curl of green
mould blooming from the corners in i think
of plastic

how wonderful isn’t it wonderful to see
a shred of the indestructible wafting
down the road

in our lifetimes how remarkable to
take on decay and create eternity
a small scourge

and oppressor of oceans wonderful
witness to history and the dredging
up of bones

what a world to distil blood to wrapper
and back to bodies unborn and under
salt water

how our children looking at a wave
flowering with refuse from long ago
will stand awed

incomprehensible myths of mankind
and weakness in the face of rising tides
now stilled

white russians

at the hotel
you blindfolded me
& we acted like strangers

then went for dinner
for old time’s sake

& it was only later
– when the ‘hey stranger’ nature
of it all lost its allure

& every room
we’d ever made an attempt
to love each other in

grew too small for words
that i saw you

at a loss for what
to do with a girl now used
to meeting your eyes


last night i dreamt of being beaten
& woke to a bread knife
caressing the hallway carpet

i picked it up and tried to slice
through my day like normal
but kept getting stuck on the edges

& this one time i loved a boy
who never ate his crusts
at first i found it wasteful

yet grew to yearn for how he took
exactly what he wanted
& discarded all the rough bits

that he wanted me, of course
made me feel like butter
melting in afternoon heat

but i never dream of waterfalls
& more often than not
wake up with bitterness

& have to have breakfast
very quickly to rinse
out the taste of scabbing over in my sleep


i have set up shop
in a small & searing way
the attempts at addictive & versatile
made me feel too much
like a food product

not that i don’t want to be eaten
often i can’t think of anything
more graceful than being a meal
consumed alone & standing
at the window

& while in a pitying & faintly
pathetic manner i loved
toying with my own expectations
of a life well lived
that is over now i suspect

it is time to sell myself
with a little less on the side
so come on in
if vulnerable & voracious
is to your taste

or if you’re sick of killing
moments like their fleas
like me – i’m all worn out
with all that preparation
let’s just tuck in


perhaps i will rename my body
the radical nude

& wear indecency with distinction
& my nipples like rosettes

every morning i will pose
& recite her manifesto

she is not for fucking with
but is for fucking, on the whole

she is not an object but under certain light
a work of art

the spaces in between her are just
as important

i will draw her with wobbled edges
& she will refuse

to stay inside the lines
sometimes she will be open

& on these days she will shine
like a polished boot

an apple, or the moon
you know the score

on others she will shut herself off
& away from others

she will grow petty in her pleasures
or else insatiable

on these days her thighs will spread
to cover the earth

& her stomach will roll
as heads do

at every moment there will be a risk
of an avalanche being triggered

or instead a tsunami, in any case
a disturbance of water

if only to recall
the instability of things

& that erotic works
are also sacred

(after egon schiele)

flwr bby

lets start from the emotional
centre & work outwards
imagining ourselves organic, blooming
from the genitals

discard all thoughts of extremity
this is the time for spleen only
connect they said only connect, so here
are my entrails

on a plate for your pleasure
is it time to play yet
the sky is bitten & our hearts are bitten & the chill
still bites long after we’ve come

indoors we play when it rains
take heart this cannot last
they said this must this must
be an altogether different moment

keep your wonder it keeps you
well, well enough for starters & waiting
is half the fun & half the battle
is with our inner child they said

so give me the boy, blossoming
from the crease between your thighs
it’s alright to admit to losing
i do it everyday so give up

your liver to me
unspool from the inside
now is the only time & it’s taken so long
to get here & perhaps beyond the point

let’s not waste a second i said
let’s not let’s not waste
ourselves too long
upon the surface