I thought we were building a nest

But it became a pyre

Sheltering sticks and bricks of stone

Now weapons breaking brittle bones

Breaking hearts.

Broken home.

So leave all the rest

Let it burn in the fire

Erase this solution

Before it seems like the answer

Exhume our beginnings

Deadhead blossoms unflowered

Gardens to dust

Golden now rust

Ivory towers just lost teeth

Pulled tusks

The glint in the diamond

The glimmer of blood

The life force, the life line

Congeal, pre-flood

Our ark hit the iceberg before it set sail

Freezing time

Frozen minds

Lungs too dry to exhale

No wind to blow cobwebs away

Last breath only fans flames

Fan fare not holding off waves

The cucoon holds no butterflies

The arms hold no more

The sunlight flight

Lies on the floor

Swap feathers for boards

Let rivers be dammed

Lock up empty rooms

Unlock clasped hands

Let go and scatter

Let burn to let fade

Drown this creature

Pull the shades

Pull apart this part apart

A parting of ways.


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