Dim days press in on window panes

A leaden mist, foggy entrails

Placing cloudy palms over clouded eyes

Gauzy sky sheets wrapping streets in insubstantial air

Wrapping tight, breathing close


A lung weight, a head heaviness

A creeping grey that sneaks into sparse spaces

Blank canvas smudged

White page creased

The cracks invaded by dusky vapours

Reaching into thoughts, into minds

Saturating soul with sullen scenes.

Shades stalking shadows

Senses sodden, sunk, incensed

Incense smoke blown over bodies

Bodies smothered, covered, cleansed

By ashes.

Ashen faces, pointed stares

Empty gazes into vacant places

Hollow shallows full of steam

A weighted lightness, ethereal burden

Intangible tendrils drilling down


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