Consume nothing, consume myself,

Consumed by you.

Consumed and consigned

To the flames struck by the

Match I made

A patchwork

Motheaten, frayed and

Falling apart.

I wrap myself in the threads

Gaps around gaping wounds

Wound around a wound up spool


I gather it closer, I gather myself

I am gathered

Like ears of corn, golden flecks

Of living labyrinths

Amazed, amassed

Reaped and heaped

In sowing tracts of growing mass,


Halted at point, pointed to stop,

Signalled unknown.

Quilted shivers, frozen fire

Licking at limbs icy with

Burning, brooding, breeding

Bloated with excessive lack

A glut of longing that wracks

The gut and guzzles neighbours

Allies, aligned with enemies

Not kept close enough.


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