by eloisehendy

Your feet dance golden on my quick melting heart
Lightly step lightly
Break walls with one touch
Inverted Midas
Flames set in the dark
Torchlit body
The stones are on fire
The gilded gold one
Bring heat to the ice caves
Chilled mountain glazier
Enclosed and shut off from feeling and flesh
An eternal winter
Winged explorer
You planted daffodils in the snows
Bright flowering blooms
Trumpet calls serenade
Taking root, taking hold
With evergreen fingers
Gold leaf fringes
Skip over the cracks and the December scars
Hermes alight
Shooting arrows unpiercing
Yet fragmenting the steel plated armour
Unchained male
Unlocking core unprotected
Dull leaden bewitched
Secret knowledge springs pour
Bursting the banks
Washed clean and transforming
Age of iron and clock driven pulses give way
Precious metals surge in the veins