by eloisehendy

With the back drop of a burnt out pier

Curtains of cloud resist parting

Hanging heavy on the shoreline

Competing in hues across the too wide sky

Woken too early from its dusky sleep

The sky is sulking

Cowering under blankets

Refusing the sudden exposure of the day

The sunlight torchlight 

That burns out its glare

First leaking into the undersides 

Pressing rosy cheeks against the dampness

Of the almost-horizon

To tempt the clouds to open themselves 

To its hot pressure

Its teasing blushes

At the first give way, initial submission

The rays burst through

Full forced spears 

Piercing the quilted covers of the day.

Sunlight sneaks into the corners

Illuminating the dusty places, the

Dark places, the 

Places dank with misplaced deeds.