Dog shit foot stamp

Temper tantrum in the freezer aisle.


Its a wonder the ice doesn’t melt from the boiling blood in the guts.



Caffeinated coked up jumped up

Oh what a lovely war.

Our tomatoes are from Argentina.

Our trees are sprouting coppers

Tripwires and landmines


The doctor will see you now.

Double drop out

Popping cherries like prozac

Tied in knots made of tongue twisted stalks

Get your tits out.

Give us a smile.

The dolls are alive.

The doctor will see you now.

Cinched waists

Pinches on rosy cheeks


Tin can peaches.

We can put men in space

There are frozen peas and frozen carrots and frozen chips lined up like body bags

Panic attack in the convenience store

The corner shop

Chip of the old block

Heads rolling in the aisles

In sickness and in health

She was wrapped in plastic

The happiest day of your life

Conveyor belts

Take the off and show them whats for.

Over the knee and on your knees and for Gods sake

For mother

For the sweet taste of home

Open your mouth and close your eyes

Clenched fists

Punches on purple cheeks

Blooming marvellous.

Pull a pint and pull a bird and pull a sicky

Jerk offs.

Finger lickin good.

Lie down on the couch there

Tell me what you see

Crystal balls to that

Its all a game

And let the best man win

Raise a glass to the speech

Throw a bottle

Throw a shoe

Pull your socks up

And take off your hood

I can smell burning.

Work and bread

Milk and honey

Our pet names have been run over by a car.

You’re driving me crazy.

Round the bend and over the hill and under the weather.

Cheap knock offs.

Dirty stop overs.

Breakdown in the service station.

The customer is always right.

We have nothing to declare

You can read our faces like an open book

Between the lines

Between the sheets

Asleep at the wheel

Holy father.

Clock towers and phallic symbolism

The leaning fucking tower of Pisa.

Theres nothing to see here.


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