it is an exquisite ache this feeling
that has somehow climbed beneath the layers of my skin
it sits in the space between my ribs
and plucks at my heart strings
it is unharmonious
a cacophony of throbbing
a groping grasping drumbeat
i am gasping from the strain of it
can no one tell
there is a bull in the china shop
and im pulsating red rags to my extremities
well that explains the drums
body clock countdown
i am under siege
i am a battleground
i am fighting a losing war
the horns are out and the time is up
i have been invaded without my knowledge
my body temple is a fortress
and schemes are hatched and reared within my veins
the mad are running the madhouse
the blind are leading the blind
the locks on the bars of my ribcage are shaking
the bull is straining at its reins
i am not big enough to hold it
cant anybody tell
this trembling unsteadiness
is a trampling in my hands
heavy breathing and short breaths
the creature’s playing on my wind pipes
chaos in my chest
i have been taken over
my chest no longer mine to treasure
digits finger nimbly my gold
i have been undug and ousted
i play second in this game
my framework has been dismantled
i am crook’ed cracked and shaken up
time to surrender
the bull will have his way


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