Resting Place

can i curl up under your collar bone
in that hollow place
just beneath the ink of your tattoo
can i crawl into your nooks and be cradled
held tight in the crook of your heart
it is cold out here
i can feel the air slice through my skin
can i just rest my head for a while
in between your angel wings
you could use them as blades
if you turned me the sharp side
but keep them blunt a brief time
let me sleep
let me lay my body down on your arm
i am weary of travelling
the road is not smooth, i am sore
can i wrap myself round the nape of your neck
put my crown up close to yours
can i cling on to you until daybreak
the darkness reaches out to my core
can i hold on to your littlest finger
make your hairline my ceiling and footprint my floor
can i hang on your lips
can i unlock your hands
let me need you
let me stay here ’til dawn.


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