Let’s lie under palm trees
And brush palms
Like holy palmers kiss
Or however William said it
But fingers crossed
Not star crossed
Just moonlit
You look twenty years old
Let’s go to the opera, I’ll let you take my hand
Let’s cross over
Let’s make up
Some silly daydream make believe
Human again
We’ve fallen down the rabbit hole to boogie wonderland
Let’s Cheshire Cat grin
And not disappear so fast this time
Break the fast
Break a few eggs to make an omelette,
We need those guys
Drink the coffee
Smell the sunshine
Wake up and seize the roses
Wash the bowls.
How’d you like them apples
There’s a man on the bridge who doesn’t seem real
He’s talking princes and princesses
And hold on forever
And there’s waltzing the streets
Boogie wonderland
Blame it on that
Let’s go to the beach
Or the African plains
You be the bloodhound
I’ll be Kool
But not as cool as you think
Just curiouser and curiouser
I want to be in your gang


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