Beguiling, ii

by eloisehendy

Underwater creature
Invading mustard clay waters
Escaping the monotonous monochrome of cityscape
Break the clock arm embrace
Time has no hold here
This is the clay space
The waterway first space
From mud to mud
Bubbling sand pockets
Snorkel visons
Deconstruction of the image
Demolition of the skyline
Cloud inventions
All is surface scum
Streets of mortar and brick
Broken by waves
Bridges fade
Faces stretched to watermark teardrops
Pastel shades
So distanced
Below the surface
Out of clock arm’s reach
Remade out of clay
Mustard weed limbs
Horned smiler
Lapping at the shoreline
Lapping at the edges
Lurking in the undertow
Swimming before the eyes