Loving over distance

Breath caught in chests buried overseas

Reaching out to empty points

Arms breadth stretched to breaking point

Only pointing to pointed places

Smooth out these stabbing vacancies

Fill the indented hollow

The ghost memory of your shape

I press my nose against black mirror panes

Chilled eskimo kiss

Cheek to almost cheek

Skin away from skin

Fingertips graze past places

Saved like scrapbook bruises

I try to remember how your hand feels in mine

Hands unfolded

Unfulfilled until intertwined

Pulled to pieces by heart strings

Wrapped around fingers faraway

Sleepless until seen again

Sleepless until waking to heaven faced mornings

Limbs entangled in ideal knots

Long dreamed of nights breaking onto daytime dreams

Nectar nothings sugar coat famished days

Sweet heart flutters

Kaleidoscope hues erase ashen afternoons

Electrocutions banish faded greys

Supine spine tingles

Usher in the comic relief

To mundane prosaic book ends

The pavement cracked in-betweens

The go-between between us

The mediating skies

Over irregular decline and rise

Touchdown lows and take off highs

Incessant to and fro

I capture you in photographs

Flat frames to act as cages

Dim reflections of vivid traces

Memento tokens waiting

To be made shadows by your face


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