I feel your eyes on me from miles away
Disco eyeballs picking up my reflections and hoarding them
What is it you treasure in this mirror image
Silver crystal gaze
And I am pierced by the shards
I feel your eyes on me
I am hunted
You track me like you have my scent
Another piece you picked up somehow
Along the way
You always go my way
What is this heavy headiness that fills the air
Musk smoke opiates
I see intoxication in my breath
Breathing in perfume skin
You have my scent and I can sense you
Luscious warmth
Lascivious hues
Mutters music to my ear
I hear your laughter
Pitched perfect to my heart strings
Pull back the bow
Voice thrills to shiver down spines
Hairs raised on nape of neck
Draw me closer
So close I can almost, almost
All senses sensed together, as
I’m incensed
By you.


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