Stocks / Shares

by eloisehendy

we’re hooked up to the matrix
grubby digits fingering
our umbilical
make sweet music out of me
string me out and leave me
high and dry
the weight of this is blunting my shoulder blades
or were they confiscated
before i could shrug it off

silver spoon mouthed
lapping at the bowl of milk and honey
swaddled in a wallet
of bank notes and cheques made out to privilege
white lines as a past time
no tan lines to be seen
aces spill from cuff-linked sleeves
pass the spades down the chain
others will hold the shovels on their tongues
to dig a way out
a six foot deep escape tunnel
from the iron sky

is your number up?
are you staring down the barrel
hoping for another glass
of the good stuff?
its the age of taxidermy
teeth gritted into grins
steely eyed stares
held up by puppet strings
we’re clinging to the aprons
of mother and father figurines
what a freudian field trip
therapist couch stain
teenage angst wet dream
depressed desires and anxious tendencies
gender role calls register
our shared OCD categories

number crunches and dead lifts
suns out and the guns were never put away
the holsters are full
of intellectual freedom
they say the pen is mightier than the sword
so we better keep them sheathed
hollow out those words
down with humour
down with epic
we’ve chosen the perfect bedtime story
knights in shining armour
gilded men in golden thrones
with a glossy-maned mare to ride
the good guys are having a hard time
but they’ll pull through in the end
keep it black and white
keep the Bogeyman at the Bay
suited and booted and live and kicking
looking sharp
cutting a mean figure
can you keep up?