Hunger Strike

by eloisehendy

Waistline unease
Inches to be pinched
Skin to be bitten
By every gust of wind
(Teeth only chatter)
Famished for peachy cheeks
This is midwinter
Rosy blooms replaced by blue
Bruised fruit flesh
Lips stay sealed

Everything’s under control.

Wasting disease
Wasting away from within
Muscles become carnivores
(The only scraps from the table)
The last supper
The final meal
Weaning of weakness
Collar bone necklace
Tinkle the ivories
Play rib cage chords
Run circles around wrists
Under control.

Wasting time
Wasted days
The effort for the waste
Sleepwalking through treacle afternoons
Tearing against fragile dawn
Horses ride the nights
Snakes rule the days
(Creature of scales)
Watch me disappear.