by eloisehendy

there are girls in rooms
girls and boys
in sealed rooms

across this world
like stars

or discarded crisp packets
in the gutters
of the streets

there are people
who lie
who lie
about lying
who need
to be alone
who need
to be alone with someone
to hold
them in
their loneliness

silence is heavy
so is noise
sometimes noises feel like a scraping
of a serrated knife
across the inside
of an abdomen

sometimes in the lungs

sometimes the gutters
get crowded
sometimes the stars get dirty
smothered in smog
belched from power station towers
breeding electric light
to compensate
for the loss of stars

sometimes parties are the last place
to be
talk is small
but not as small as you can feel
when it overruns your tongue
but comes out sticky
and much bigger
than you meant

tongues can make their presence known
and also
their absence

muscle memory is usually better
than the mind
most things
are usually better
than the mind

there are girls in rooms
waiting for boys
there are girls and boys
in rooms
like gutters

if you buy something nice
a rug
a wall
the room might not feel
as bad
the wait might not
it’s sticky tongue
and lick
your back