carousels of faces spin
 for our amusement
 identity parade
 stop the ride i want
 to get off
 i have eaten too much bread
 and this circus
 is sickening
 and we are all so fucking bored
 of each other
 everything looks the same
 as it did
 the other day
      i lose track of dates
 and days drag
 their heels
 along the ground
 we all want to go away
 and we all want
 to go nowhere
 and oh god
 how fucking contradictory

 the screens light up blue
 the hurricanes are named
 after our grandparents
 the politicians are playing hopscotch
 uncontrolled fires
 the royal families chosen by a democracy
 a glut of choices
 and oh that interminable boredom
 scenes created for our entertainment
 constructed reality de rigueur
 up to the minute
 all the rage
 stop the ride
 stop the charade
 i want to
 get off
 the water is going bad
 all the vegetables keep rotting
 children wash up on beaches
 face down
 we take pictures
 of our meals
 we crave a paroxysm
 of fear
 of weeping
 a sudden attack
 or outburst
 of a particular emotion or activity
 a heightened response
       hyped up reality de rigueur
       all the rage
 we are in a critical condition
 shine a light
 in our eyes
 a pinch on the arm to prove
 we are awake

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