lie back and think of england

 england is balding
 and getting fat
 maybe if there was something to come home to
 a bit of comfort
 a meal on the table
 less of the nag
 maybe england should buy a new ferrari
 and chat up a teenage girl

 england's been slaving away
 for so long
 and what thanks
 has it got
 the kids are talking back at table
 the wife has let herself go
 what happened to respect
 and a bit of peace and quiet
     a bit of hows your father
     a bit of common decency
     a bit of pride
 maybe england should go on a bender
 and get the tits out for the lads
 and wake up in the gutter
 with pen on the face
 and blood on the knuckles
 its been too long
 since england last let loose
 the squeezed middle
     gets a lot of attention
     these days
     but no one really seems to know
     what it means
     no one really seems to know
     where they are
     every one seems to feel
 the belt tightening
 around bellies

 or throats

 what's the difference
    same day
    different clothes
 tighten your tie
 the other day
 in the loos at work
 england wept
 the other day
 after dinner
 england knocked the wife around
 a little
 threw a plate
 against the wall

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