peak blighty

by eloisehendy

middle aged middle class middle brow
give me my country back
all i want
is my country back
back from the brink
back from the future
back from johnny foreigner
back to back
against the wall
dry stone walls and country lanes and church bells and warm beer
and skittles
and football rattles
and cheery banter and clogs on cobbles
vicars and tarts
Elgar and fudge
and proper weather and herbaceous borders and Victoria sponge
gooseberries not avocados
bisto nostalgia
warm crumbly honey coloured yesterday
deference and respect
regret curdled inward looking yesterday
to make do and mend and smiling
bravely and biting your lip and suffering
in silence and patronising
foreigners with pity

everything was better back then
everything has gone too far
no building will be as lovely
as a Georgian country house
no art will be as good
as a Turner no poem
as wonderful as If no writer a touch on Shakespeare
or Dickens
nothing as lovely
as a cottage garden

Nelson Churchill Rolls Royce Flying Scotsman the White Cliffs of Dover
bowler hats top hats Land Rovers Sheffield plate teapots
self congratulations moaning and pomposity
a nation of inventors and entrepreneurs put the great back
in Britain the great engineers the great manufacturers
and the commonwealth will hold
pageants and firework displays
and beg to be back
in the Queen Empress’ good books
everything has gone too far
political correctness
health and safety
gender neutral toilets
thats us right now
everything has gone mad hasn’t it
we’re living in toytown
are you coming or going
Tinder or Grindr
coming or going
the bagging area call centres computer passwords smart phones
satan and his infernal imps
the money markets the multinational corporations the rich
get out
of the marriage keep the house don’t pay alimony get a shag
at weekends get a bit on the side
dumped betrayed and thwarted
powerless and short of cash
ugly and mean and hurtful and niggling
personal prejudice
hyperbolic idiocies a moronic fugue

manifest stupidities
bitter and vengeful
crass and misguided
incompetent indecisive
absurd claim and counterclaim
no dissent now there’s hyperbole
an exaggerated claim
i’m buff with the power of sovereignty
no dissent allowed
undemocratic and undermining
Western interests
Putin smirking and rubbing
his hands behind the arras
lied to poisoned and cheated
financial ruination and global annihilation
red tape and regulations
work and financial prudence
decent people paying taxes who do not sleep
through the entire afternoon

this sovereignty this thing
this thing we want back
so badly
this thing has nothing
to do
with you
or me
no discernible bonfire as was promised

this culture this European civilisation
the images the stories
on the walls
these people are my people
the music
its scales its instruments its
rhythms and religions
the collective to and fro
the renaissance the rococo the romantics
neoclassicism realism
expressionism futurism
fauvism cubism dada surrealism
postmodernism and kitsch
constant warp and weft
my music
what we eat
the ingredients the recipes
make it harder
more grudging
put up barriers
build walls

this collective culture
this golden civilisation
most inventive
subtle profound beautiful
and powerful genius
the greatest
thats us right now
everything we have and
everything we are
thats us right now