i am
      a phoenix
 i am
      a woman walking
 in a dress of
 three million feathers

 i am a painting
 i am the sky
      at night
 a shepherds warning
 (i am not sleeping)
 (i am not working)
 i am lurid and beautiful
 i am
      too much
 i cannot be taken
 it's fantastic
 (it's not to be believed)

 i am naïve
 i am the shaking
 of a bell of a leaf of
      a hand
 i am an earthquake rattling
      cups in the kitchen

 (a tremor?)
 (a tremble?)

 i am the girls best friend ringed
       on a finger
 (i had so much potential)

 i am extravagant inconsistent outrageous
 i am
 i am
      a decorative bauble hung
 from a tree
 i am

 i am haute couture sleek

 i am
 the ambition of man
 i am
      a man straining 
 against the desert wind

 i am hourglass
      sand falling
 i am a child playing
 i am
      a dragon
 i am
      a woman walking

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