sweet dreams

my mother dreamed
of dripping
on my lips
as I lay
my slumber
a spoonful of
to make
the medicine
go down

(sweet potion
ancient wisdom
the nectar of
gods and pharoahs
nature’s liquid

she wished to watch
for my limbs
to thicken
for thighs
to meet
for flesh
to make it’s way back
to my hips

o mother earth
you wanted to feed me
drops of sunshine
in the middle of the night
you wanted to bring me
but my hands were tinged
with purple

eyes clouded
this was midwinter
and i saw you
holding out
forbidden fruit
and i resolved
i would not fall
for your tricks

(my garden had no flowers
no nectar
nothing bloomed or played
but the grass was cut
and the borders
could not fall
to chaos
or intrusion)


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