where the heart is

and o come back to me
and make me feel secure
in my own skin
you have an endless capacity
to love
and you are the better part
of me

when you are gone I feel
forlorn and more lost for feeling
so alone and a cliche
of womanhood
on the doorstep waving i yearn
to feel complete
with your back turned

but i become smaller and more
hungry an insatiable thing
desperate for quiet and time
away from crowds
i sense gazes sliding over
and glazing i feel
so boring and a woman

when your hands are far
my body is heavy and solid
my mind is heavy and sticks
on glances o i am weary
of playing games
i realise i am like all the others
unfulfilled and yearning

you are endless and unrehearsed
and you make me feel
eternal and grounded and at home
in my skin i am dancing
with you in my daydreams
i am sweating and you breathe
a gasp in my ear o


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