“bloodstains, pasties & Michael Barrymore”

where do i start, well positives
next to the number one bingo hall
and thats where the fun ends
and I am afraid

you seem to walk miles the bread
and milk are on the opposite side the meals
were okay but saying that i did have a touch
of food poison for 3 days some of the fresh
sandwiches I’ve bought have been out of date
one I didnt notice until after
I’d eaten it

blood stained headboards
towels like sandpaper cock
roaches and a list of charges
rowdy folks arguing slamming
doors and kicking
doors and shouting
fowl language echoing in the corridors

a cupboard with no back a double bed the size of a hammock made of

rude staff windows that wont close no
hot water broken furniture dirty
utensils and actual poo in the kettle

lucky enough it missed our heads
but covered our table landed
floating in our drinks and splattered
(not a good start)
and they got soaked
(i feel really sorry for the cleaners)
we wrote our names in the dust
on the balcony rail when we arrived
and it was still there
2 weeks later did the same on the fridge
i found a cats paw in my pillowcase
i had a terrible experience
with a jacket potato

which made me quite put off
to be honest buying anything else
to be honest
i hate this place is a complete hole
i’d have to say i hate
this place
anyway we went out

and to give it its dues it is close to everything
and we made sure we got so hammered so we would be able to sleep


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