i see you

by eloisehendy

today i want to take you tenderly
in my thoughts roll you over
every which way patting you down
for such an abundance of secrecy
shame stuffed pockets let’s rinse
you out to fluff

let’s douse ourselves in thinning waters
hold out your arm for pressing my pulse to it
let’s not speak of it
words are fragile, so, anyway
let’s hold tight and let it all come
out in the wash

life is dirty and fragile, so,
let’s tear it at the seams
life is dirty we are dirty you are
a mud cake
i pat you down with child’s hands
today i want to take you in my fist
and throw you so clean
away you’d come back squeaking

today i want to love you so fragile
so fierce let’s wring you out
to innocence