i am data crunching streaming
content across my eyelids
what a time to be online
and existent in so many places
history is a blink of an eye
the world is a big old sweetshop of hip hip
horrors a third lamb lung a third beef heart
& what big eyes i eat with my fingers
& drink beer from the bottle
& caress my phone screen with my fingers
& think about fingering myself like a plug socket
but there is no spark
meanwhile the news bursts into flames
then falls silent
we are whirring and not ourselves or are we
more than we’d care to remember
i am storing scorched earth for rainy days
i am scorching streaming rain
crunching rainy data
eying storage dating numbers rolling footage
its on the tip of my tongue
& i turn myself on & off again
the wide wide sea gapes at us pulls us in
to her more vivid oceans & pulls us
flashing amber and coloured wonder
what reams of information bare themselves
flashing nipples of hyperreal
& winking code i dare myself to stop
& start & just look away
but on the other hand this is the crux
the most crucial the most livid if not
the most loving a generation bred on blue
toned screens hum a gesture in the dark
meanwhile the news crashes into pedestrians
and then falls


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