i pop your feelings until they’re human
normal or nearly there leaking
at least from your sleeves
here’s a space to come to terms
with certainty and contingency
i want you to transcend me
thoughtfully and from the guts
and without contradiction

enchant me with a nervous proposition
i love it when you maximise
my small femininity here’s a space to spill
out your ego and my errors
it’s time to talk or attempt to
i think you would look so beautiful
with a little air let out

i praise you when you stand to face me
when you’re sagging and opening
out the grace of your eyes
let me into your hunger
you have the face for listening
to open wounds and listening
harder i think you are beautiful
and so clear a child yet
to be named and born into joy
lend me a feeling of eternity
and come in from the cold


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