small wonders never cease

by eloisehendy

be hesitantly expansive to me, babe
you get unique when you get all up inside
& stop so rigidly hiding

i will teach you how to read affection
in a cup of water, love
in a discarding of obligation
i will tenderly get destroyed by you

& then come back for more
i’ve wanted the way your eyelashes twitch
ever since i got here, maybe

it isn’t a small miracle to make it
through the night, so speak
without a shred of dignity but humility
clouding your meaning, so to speak

i’ve always been drawn to rounded edges
& you have the softest skin i’ve ever seen
& it’s always better in the dark

i will encourage you to sacrifice
& linger in the exquisite, please
do that thing where you revoke
& remain incredulous close

expectation is the enemy of wonder
your wrists are the definition
of delicate, strength in frailty

allow yourself to feel complete
without an audience, but with awe
in the face of the intangible
you show readiness for giving, love

this beats suffering and forgiveness
for the sin of exposure, trust me
i will lick clean your submission

& defend your need
i’ve chosen your attachment, babe
ever since arriving